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About Innovative Business Solutions

Innovative Business Solutions, Inc. was established as a California Corporation in 1991 by Dave Tieken and Bob Reynolds. The idea behind its formation was that the employer obligations of Human Resource administration, Payroll Processing, and Time and Labor tracking were much more effectively outsourced to specialists in these fields, as opposed to administered internally, for most employers. Even the smallest of employers faces the daunting tasks of keeping current on the myriad of changing regulations and tax laws that govern these areas.

IBSWhen the company was established in the early 1990’s, it was at the beginning of the era when the Personal Computer was starting to become a standard business tool. Most computer applications dealing with Payroll and HR administration were written to run on mainframe computers, where large quantities of data could be processed quickly, but which were also very difficult to re-program. IBS was one of the first companies to utilize a PC application to offer an integrated HR/Payroll Processing/Time and Labor administration outsource solution to smaller employers. The early 2000’s saw a move away from installed PC programs for performing HR and Payroll functions, and the beginning of a reliance on the Internet for such applications. Again, IBS was on the forefront of this movement, partnering with a small web-development company in 2003, which lead to the creation of the platform that we utilize today to offer an integrated, cloud-based solution to satisfy needs of employers of 1 to over 1,000 employees.

Currently, IBS employs 34 specialists in all areas of HR, Payroll, and Time and Labor administration. We serve over 1,100 local employers, who rely on us to provide solutions to the variety of challenges they face in administering to their respective workforce needs.