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Our web-based payroll software is simple and easy to use, with many features that allow you to process your payroll more efficiently. By performing calculations-as-you-go, along with hundreds of exportable reports, you’re able to access your payroll totals and funding requirements in real time. The application tax processing engine handles multistate and reciprocity calculations while a local tax jurisdiction locator applies local taxes.

Employee self-service functionality empowers your employees with the ability to manage many of their payroll-related tasks. Employees can have the ability to view their pay statements and change address, direct deposit accounts, and tax withholding status. In addition, they can add emergency contacts and dependent information.

Payroll Service Features

Detailed Pay
Statement Preview

Preview pay statements for your employees prior to payroll submission. All gross-to-net calculations are performed in real-time giving you instant access to your payroll totals and the ability to verify employee earnings, deductions, and tax calculations.

Full Tax Deposit
& Filing Service

No need to worry about late tax filings or tax penalties. We handle all of your required tax payments and filings automatically regardless of the state or locality. Our services include:

Paid Time
O­ff Accruals

The accruals tracking feature allows for the accrual and tracking of time off according to your company policy. Multiple accrual profiles can be defined for your employees with different rates based on years of service and accrued by hours worked, per pay period, or lump sum. Employees accrual information can be printed on their pay stub, viewed online or by using the mobile app available for iOS and Android.

Direct Deposit
& Paycards

Pay your employees more securely through the use of direct deposit. Employees can disperse their net pay to a pay card or direct deposit to any number of checking or savings accounts as a flat amount, percent of net or gross, or remaining balance.

Instantly Print Live & Manual Checks On-Site

For those employees that are being paid between scheduled pay cycles or chose not to receive direct deposit, employers can instantly print and distribute live checks. Employees will have access to their paystub via the self-service portal.

Multi-Level Allocation Reporting

Reports can be created across any number of projects, departments, divisions, or locations for any date parameters. These reports can be auto-generated via email and directed to any designated parties inside or outside of your company.

Customizable Earning & Deductions

We can create as many earning and deduction codes as your business may require. This includes partial or full tax deferral for cafeteria plans, health savings accounts, or retirement plan contributions. Earning codes can be customized to include unlimited expense reimbursements or taxable fringe benefits.

Journal Entry Report & Import File

A general ledger can be kept up to date with a customizable set of journal entry reports that can be generated for any date range. These reports can be exported in common formats that are compatible with most accounting systems.

Retirement Plan Report & Import File

Regardless of your organization’s retirement plan, our system can create formatted reports that capture employee contributions, employer match contributions, and employee retirement loan payments for any fiscal period.

Workers’ Comp Report & Pay-As-You-Go

Workers’ comp reporting can be customized to reflect your eligible workers’ comp costs including eligible wages, modification factor, and policy period. The reports will automatically reduce subject wages by overtime premiums and pre-tax deductions.

Streamline your Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance

At Innovative Business Solutions, we strive to continually improve our products and services so you can get back to business.

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