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“I don’t know if I have told you both how much I appreciate everything you have done and all your work during this transition. When I get off the phone with either of you, I walk into my partner’s office and say, “Thank goodness we found Innovative!” From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, and thank you.”

Sara B

“Innovative’s payroll solution has made the payroll process incredibly easy! It is user friendly and both supervisors and employees alike enjoy the ability to see their data in “real time”. Innovative made the process a smooth transition. Their knowledge of the program, and their ability to tailor the program’s reporting tools and screens to our company’s needs, aided in the ease of this otherwise difficult conversion.”

Gina B

“Thanks Innovative, for demonstrating once AGAIN why your name is Innovative Business SOLUTIONS! What would we do without you???

Jessica P

“Innovative is an exceptional payroll service provider. I have used Innovative as an employee responsible for an HR department, and I continue to recommend them in my HR consulting practice. All of my health care clients in the North Bay use Innovative, and are extremely satisfied with the products as well as the service.

Customer service is what sets Innovative apart from other payroll providers. Their specialists are well trained, knowledgeable, and are always available to answer questions. In addition, they are a low cost provider with a pricing structure that is straightforward. There are no surprise costs.

Without exception, my clients save time and money by using Innovative, and I have peace of mind knowing my clients are being taken care of professionally and competently. Thank you, Innovative, for maintaining an exceptional level of customer service year after year!”

Karen A

“The payroll service that Innovative offers is a lifesaver for startups and small businesses. It makes the complicated process of paying payroll taxes, deductions, direct deposits, and regulatory compliance very simple and affordable. Many small businesses don’t even know what form to fill out or where to send their taxes and how often. My advice is – don’t even think about doing it yourself. Let Innovative remove all your worries and hassles automatically. That is what I do.”

Michael N

“The Time & Attendance module is the perfect compliment to Innovative’s payroll service. We recently implemented Time & Attendance due to our outdated program which was not compatible with any system. Now, every payroll is a breeze to process with Innovative’s Time & Attendance solution in addition to their payroll system. We depend heavily on Innovative to assist us with our payroll needs and the Time & Attendance module is just one more perk in working with Innovative.”

Julie C

“I wanted to send a quick note to let you know that your payroll team is very professional and courteous. It has been a pleasure working with your entire staff since we began with you in January. I feel confident that we are being taken care of and appreciate the customer service. Thank you again for excellent service.”

Heidi W

“Innovative has been my payroll provider for nearly 14 years while I was the controller/CFO at two different wineries, a community health clinic, and currently at a destination marketing organization. Innovative is able to fulfill my payroll and tax filing needs no matter what type of industry I am involved in. I always get a quick and accurate response whenever I call for help. Their staff is well educated, courteous and professional. Innovative handles all of my payroll needs for both California and out of state employees, quarterly and yearly tax filings, employee W-2’s, 1099’s, and 401(k) reporting analysis. I have recommended Innovative to several business associates, most of whom are now Innovative clients. I will continue to whole heartedly recommend Innovative.”

Jim D

“The value of Innovative cannot be overstated…they are quick, accurate, informed and available. Our payroll function is in good hands…no, great hands. I rely on Innovative totally, with no reservations… A small firm such as ours needs to rely heavily on its outside service providers to do the job right every time. Innovative does just that.”

Ken C

“Innovative is an integral part of our business operation. They are dependable, responsive to our needs and knowledgeable. They are unique in that anyone who answers the telephone can give me an educated answer. When we expanded our business into another state, they were extremely helpful. We also switched to a web-based timesheet program and they wrote the interface for us. I’m convinced that they can handle whatever comes at them and the bonus is that they are all just really nice people who are a pleasure to work with.

Jeanne F

“Prior to using Innovative’s payroll services, we had been with a company in Sonoma for many years. When that company closed, we tried another big scale payroll service and were disappointed right from the start with their service. It was impossible to get a hold of anyone consistently because when you called, it always went to a call center. Needless to say, we were not pleased with the service.

Innovative came highly recommended by our old payroll service in Sonoma so we got a proposal from Innovative. Innovative seemed the most logical because of the ability to do it all electronically as a PC customer. Since signing up with Innovative, we don’t have any complaints. On the contrary, we have nothing but rave things to say about them. The software is intuitive and quick to use, the customer service is superb, and there hasn’t ever been a hitch. Customer service is their particular strong point because every person I’ve spoken with when I’ve had a question has been highly knowledgeable and helpful.

I am thankful that we have Innovative as our payroll service. We have developed a relationship with them and I feel like I know their employees. There is no way that could ever happen with any of the larger payroll service providers. I would strongly recommend them to anyone seeking payroll services and indeed, I will.”

Jonah N

“As a bookkeeper with my company for the last 13 years, I have to say that Innovative is the best solution to all of our payroll needs by far! Since our conversion to Innovative in January, 2009 we have had nothing but super excellent service and care by everyone at Innovative. The process is so very simple and efficient. We have never had ONE problem with using Innovative and I have to say that any questions and/or issues I have had, were dealt with efficiently and with usually just one phone call. Your service is very economical and there are no hidden costs! I love being able to talk to a person right away when I call and that anyone I talk to can help me! Also talking to people that are in my time zone is a big bonus! Not like our last payroll provider (I think I must have talked on any given phone call to people in three different time zones!)

With Innovative, I get super courteous, economical and very efficient service! The online system is so, so simple to operate, I love it! I could go on and on! Thank you Innovative for making my job as a bookkeeper so much easier!”

Suzanne R

“Innovative has been our payroll provider for the last 15 years. We believe that they provide the best and most comprehensive payroll service in the industry. We have recently converted program specific timekeeping over to the Time & Attendance module, a web-based timekeeping system provided by Innovative. Innovative has been very competent and thorough in implementing our requirements for the use of this software. We have moved to a higher level of technological competence. We recommend Innovative without reservation or hesitation. You will save valuable time and money.”

Trish M

“I would like to thank Innovative for helping us grow in the last eight years. The payroll support Innovative provided to us is invaluable. We were able to save time and money by allowing Innovative to integrate our time keeping and accounting systems to theirs. Now, with the touch of a couple key strokes, payroll is completed. I appreciate Innovative’s quick response and great availability of all staff members. This team is always ready to serve and assist their clients. I recommend anyone to start or switch to Innovative for reliable and accurate payroll services”

Percy B

“Innovative has been a solid member of our team since 2001. We use the biometric time clocks and Time & Attendance system to collect time for our production and hourly employees. Additionally, we use the same system to collect time for our temporary agency’s employees. The system Innovative offers is an efficient timekeeping collection and management tool. This is just another example of how Innovative has worked closely with us at every opportunity to maintain our state of the art payroll and timekeeping system. Whether it’s setting up payroll for an out of state employee, or managing local payroll and deduction activities, we can always rely on Innovative Business Solutions for support.”

Stan M

“Since we began utilizing the Innovative Business Solutions software and taking advantage of its many features, including integration into our accounting software, it has saved us a tremendous amount of staff time and at a cost we could never match internally.

Sheridan R

“Whenever I have a question, whether related to payroll in general or how the system works, the staff at Innovative Business Solutions has been knowledgeable and prompt in helping me… I also really appreciate that Innovative has a strong knowledge about labor laws, and can offer me some direction or suggest where I may want to investigate certain issues further.”

Lisa E

“Innovative Business Solutions, Inc. commitment to customer responsiveness has been key to our ongoing relationship. As labor laws and our business needs change, Innovative has always been able to adapt their payroll program to fit our specific needs, thereby keeping us in compliance! Innovative has been a pleasure to deal with over the years and we give them the highest recommendation.”

Ceanne H

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