Time & Attendance

Keep Track of Hours Worked

With our Time & Attendance module, time can be recorded using a browser, biometric time clock, or mobile app. Labor allocations, time off requesting, approval workflow, flexible pay rules and scheduling are just some of the extensive set of available features. With a management dashboard, flexible report writer, and exception reporting, managers will have all the tools they need to manage their staff and labor costs.

Time & Attendance Service Features

Time Collection: Clocks, Web, or Mobile

Flexibility to capture time via a wide variety of interfaces, including online punching, mobile punching, online direct time entry, and biometric time clocks. Online punching can be restricted to specific network addresses to ensure employees are on-site. Biometric clocks eliminate “buddy punching” and provide a simple solution for groups of employees that do not have access to a computer or other device with internet access.

Time Calculation Rules & Notifications

Configurable rules to calculate overtime, meal premiums, shift premiums, holiday eligibility, etc.  Automated report emails keep managers apprised of overtime, missed punches, etc.

Time Off­ Requests

Employees can request paid or unpaid time off using the web interface or the mobile app. Automated email notifications can be delivered to one or more approvers as well as to the employee upon approval. Employees can be authorized to select from all or a subset of the time off categories for the organization. Approvers are alerted to potential conflicting requests (e.g., more than one employee requesting the same day off).


Attendance Behavior Rules & Tracking

Configurable rules can track attendance exceptions such as early or late in, early or late out, short lunch, meal violations, absent, etc.  Specific events such as early clock ins and short lunches can be prevented.

Meal Break Rules & Notifications

Track late, short or missed lunches, including second lunches for longer shifts. Meal premium hours can be automatically added to timesheets, if desired. Automated report emails keep managers apprised of violations

Robust Labor Allocation Features

Allocate time to one or more cost center types (e.g., department, job, location, fund source, project, etc.) as you go or using fixed percentages.  Time off and overtime can also be automatically allocated based on worked hour percentages.

Track Multiple Rates / Types of Pay

Configure pay rates based on cost center (e.g., job) or pay category (e.g., travel time). Automate shift differentials with flat amounts or percentages.

Customizable Approval Processes

Customizable workflows allow for single or multi-tiered approvals for time off requests, timesheets, time change requests and overtime requests.


Prompt employees to answer one or more questions at specific times (e.g., start of shift, end of shift, end of pay period). Negative responses can trigger an automated notification to managers and administrators.

Streamline your Payroll, HR, and Time & Attendance

At Innovative Business Solutions, we strive to continually improve our products and services so you can get back to business.

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