Skill-Based Schedules

Our Scheduling module allows you to quickly build schedules based on employees’ designated skills and availability.  Employees can swap shifts, offer to take an open shift, and request shift coverage from any device.

Scheduling Features


Assign skills to positions and employees to make sure you have the correct staff assigned to all shifts.

Customizable Rules & Constraints

Customizable rules and constraints prevent scheduling an employee to too many hours in a day or week, to too many consecutive days, when they are not available to work or have scheduled time off, or with not enough rest between shifts.

Flexible Scheduling Methods

Schedules can be quickly copied from a previous schedule, then modified.  Templates can be used to generate shifts based on demand. Shifts can be imported from Excel templates.

Customizable Schedule Views

Daily and weekly views can be customized to sort by cost center, shift start time, employee name, hire date, hourly rate, etc.

Color-Coded Reports & Graphs

Color-coded skills make it easy to distinguish between shift types.  Daily coverage graphs make it easy to spot missing shift coverage by the hour.

Open Shift Management

Managers can post open shifts to employees that have availability and the correct skills.  Manager approvals of employees accepting shifts can be required.

Swap Shift Requests

Employees can submit requests to swap shifts with employees that have availability and the correct skills.  Manager approvals of swaps can be required.

Employee Availability

Designate days of the week, including specific time segments, that an employee is either available or not available to work.

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