Final Paychecks

What are the rules surrounding final pay of a terminated employee? Do I have to provide payment within a certain amount of time? What am I required to pay out? What can I deduct?

These are a few of the common questions that come up from our clients.  As an employer it is important to know the requirements upon termination of an employee.   Important note: Depending on your state, regulations may vary. Click the hyperlink to view a list of Wage and Hour Divisions by state.

California Employers

The following resources are from the State of California Department of Industrial Regulations (DIR):

Additional information about California Wage Payment Laws can be found
from the Employment Law Handbook webiste. View by clicking here

Federal Level

  • The U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) page on final paychecks:
    click here
  • List of Wage and Hour Divisions by state: click here
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