Facial Recognition: Contactless Time Punch and Health Screening

Remember when the term “hands-free” became popular with the rise of Bluetooth compatibility in cars? Well with the rise of COVID-19 we are all adopting the term “contactless”. To stay with the times, Innovative has recently added a “contactless” way for employees to clock in/out utilizing facial recognition! With the newly introduced NoahFace (as in […]

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Thankful for Cloud-Based Software!

They say, “Timing is everything!”   Though 2020 came with unforeseen trials & tribulations, our timing to finish converting clients to a cloud-based software could not have come at a more perfect time. The “years-in-the-making” migration to move 1000+ clients from our legacy, on-site server software, to a robust, billion-dollar international web-based HCM platform came to a finish in March 2020, just days before the global shutdowns began.  Utilizing a fully-cloud based architecture allowed our clients, as well as Innovative, to immediately & successfully deploy

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