Thankful for Cloud-Based Software!

They say, “Timing is everything!”  

Though 2020 came with unforeseen trials & tribulations, our timing to finish converting clients to a cloud-based software could not have come at a more perfect time. The “years-in-the-making” migration to move 1000+ clients from our legacy, on-site server software, to a robust, billion-dollar international web-based HCM platform came to a finish in March 2020, just days before the global shutdowns began.  Utilizing a fully-cloud based architecture allowed our clients, as well as Innovative, to immediately & successfully deploy their staff to work from home, all while still having their HCM needs covered. 

Although COVID-19 was an unforeseen event, the inspiration to move to a cloud-based platform was initially triggered by the advent of our now booming, annual fire season the bay area has endured over the past few years. For the unfortunate businesses who found themselves in the path of the fire, and many companies realizing their physical file cabinets full of years’ worth of employee & company data were in jeopardy, Innovative’s HCM platform helped to soften the blow for many companies with their Electronic Document Storage feature.  

The ability to access their HCM account with simply a computer & internet connection, allowed clients to still get their people paid through even the most stressful of situations, wherever and whenever it was needed.  

Logistically, the cloud-based platform also enabled Innovative to upgrade the security of the data from a single localized server to an immense infrastructure of servers with disaster recovery sites throughout the US. 

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