Teaming Up With Innovative

Needing a better WebHCM solution for your business? Thinking about making a switch and not sure where to start? With Innovative Business Solutions, your company gets personalized attention and customer support. Here is what a glimpse of our onboarding & implementation process looks like!

Step 1: Business Solutions Team

From the very start, you will be working hand in hand with our Business Solutions team to gather basic information about your company (head count, industry, years in service, etc). Once the basic information has been gathered, a needs analysis call will be done to gauge what solutions you are needing, where former HCM solutions fell short, Innovative’s processes and how we can customize your experience to make your HCM needs a smooth and streamlined process. Thereafter, a demo can be scheduled for you and your Administrative staff either remotely or on-site, followed by price quotes.

If your organization decides to move forward with Innovative (fingers crossed!), pricing quotes will need to be signed and submitted, as well as additional Tax and Banking documentation will be collected. Product “Go-Live’ dates will also be discussed and set so we can lay out and begin your implementation process!

Step 2: Implementation Team

Based on the products signed, you will be assigned an Implementation Specialist by product (Payroll, HR, Time, and Scheduler). They will work hand-in-hand with you to gather information to get your products configured (employee info, payroll registers, Time & Attendance rules, HR & benefit info, and all other pertinent policy information). As the Go-Live date approaches, product specific training will be set up to make sure you and your staff are comfortable and able to successfully navigate and use the system.

Step 3: Innovative Support Team

Once you have processed a few live payroll cycles, your implementation specialist’s job is done, and you can now use the whole Innovative Support Team to assist you with any questions, tasks, or changes! We offer ongoing free monthly trainings that you can sign up for as needed, as well as personalized one-on-one support through phone or email with our staff, M-F 8-5 Pacific Time!

If you are interested in making your HCM solution more “innovative” by taking advantage of our services, or would like to add additional products to your existing account with Innovative, please email our Business Solutions Team at!

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